If you customer wishes to find the person who meets your any need. Let’s try to post your needs on our Facebook page now.
For example, house building/repairing, Mowing the garden, Cargo carrying, Moving, Car rental with driver, Housecleaning , etc.

If you can provide professional services, let’s try to post your service on our Facebook page now.

The membership fee for the provider is free for 6 months, after this only 200 pesos.

Please PM me.
Deadline: June 7th 17 pm
Request Service:
Leakage repair.
Please, come to the quote

Post address:
Baranggay Rizal Lapuz Sur Iloilo city 5005
https://goo.gl/maps/wbKbhmSe4z2EREVT9 < Google Map your house location
SAMPLE POST TEMPLATE For service provide person
Please PM me.
Accept time: From 7am till 6pm
Service: Paint roof, wall, etc.
Suggested fee: 1000 peso ~ per square
Cover Retailer area:
New Lucena and around